Serpentarius the Thirteenth

Serpentarius the Thirteenth is the game I'm writing. Just so you know this title is not set in stone and will most likely  change over time.

Basic Plot

The basic plot of this game is this. Before time even began the gods would battle in a fierce war between them self's only with all of them defeated. It was only when the gears of time started to move the gods made one rule to there constant fighting and that was they would pick there own champion so that they would do battle instead of the god     

The Story's

In this game you don't just play as one character from start to finish that would be boring and as been done countless times in RPGs . In this I'm planing it so that you can pick any 1 of the 12 from start to finish. Thats not to say that you can be char 1 then turn into char 6 that not how it will work. From the start you can pick any one of the characters and play though all of the story then pick another and so on. If you want to play all of them at the same time then you could just save on different slots but then you would miss out on the "clear game" stuff.
Any way each char has their own story (I'm planing each of the story's will be 8 or so hours long.) and that all if not most of them are all tied together. Such as char 1 is best friends with char 2 and char 3 helps out char 1 with something while char 4 is trying to kill char 3, little stuff like that.       


God: Leo
Age/Sex: M 25
Character Name: Othniel
Race: Human 

Class/Job: Knight of god

Weapons: broad sword/claws
Other Possessions: a magic orb that translates any and all languages into the one he knows

Ability: able to use fire magic and turn into a were-lion when ever he wants to
Back Story: Othniel was a normal human when one day he was chosen by his lord to go into the tower of the king which is said to hold the most power weapons made by the gods. as he entered this tower made by the gods he was made to do a test on each floor growing ever more difficult. hardship after hardship he made it to the top of this tower and what he saw there changed his life forever. the god of this tower was waiting for him at the top and he had chosen Othniel to be his champion and so the god gave Othniel his power over fire and transformation ability as well as the orb in order to find the other 11 chosen and to destroy them.  

God: Aries
Age/Sex: M  13
Character Name: Jubal

God: Taurus
Age/Sex: M 45
Character Name: Farley

God: Gemini
Age/Sex: F  18
Character Name: Accalia

God: Cancer
Age/Sex: M 32
Character Name: Kracer

God: Virgo
Age/Sex: F 17
Character Name: Athena

God: Libra
Age/Sex: F 28
Character Name: Themis

God: Scorpio
Age/Sex: M  14
Character Name: Kerwin

God: Sagittarius
Age/Sex: F 16 or M 18
Character Name: Yvonne or Archibald

God: Capricorn
Age/Sex: F 31
Character Name: Egidia

Age/Sex: M 18
Character Name: Ryan

God: Pisces
Age/Sex: F 13
Character Name: Meena

God: Serpentarius
Age/Sex: M (start of time)
Character Name: Serpentarius