Kindle is my first real character I've ever made. I made her for a form that was for a manga called Mahou Sensei Negima which is a very good manga. It was basically a make a character and fit it into the story sorta thing. FYI her story is in no way connected with my game story and I did all of it just for fun. Also if you read the manga first, you will understand what happening a lot better heirs a link you need to scroll all the way down for the first chapter.
Name: Kindle
Age: 14-15
Sex: Female
Race: Nekojin (Cat-people)
Magic: Fire
Class: Fighting Sorceress
Fighting Style: Tae Kwon Do
Artifact: A ring that shows a 3D blueprint of any building, dungeon, cave, world, etc
Weapon: Her own claws (if not some kind of glove)
Origin/Back-Story: She came from a different universe where magic and science are blended together to make a peaceful world for all but in this world some people wanted the magic artifacts of old for fame, money, even power. Kindle wasn't one of these people but she was paid to retrieve these artifacts for she was a master thief/treasure hunter. On one of her jobs she was paid to find a sword that could control fire but when she got to the treasure room there was no sword, no gold, nothing but an orb that hovered in the air. As she approached it she got sucked into the orb, and the orb shattered into dust and for what seemed like 2 lifetimes she was trapped within a dark void. Within this void she did not age, she could not sleep, and she did not hunger, this was her hell. But one day she caught a glimpse of a light. When she got close to this light she fell asleep and when she awoke she was in the nurses office at Mahora Academy.

Now when she awoke in the nurses office the Dean and the nurse were asking who she was and where she came from but sadly the only thing that she could remember was her name and the void of darkness where she was for the past 160 years. So the Dean gave her a chose between going out and looking for her memoirs or stay at the school as a student to remember over time. She picks the school because after so many years in darkness any one would want to be with people. Soon after answering the Dean she ask him who found her, so he told her...a few students from the The Library Expedition Club.

The next day she joins class 3-A but because she was in the darkness for so long she’s even more shy then Nodoka was in the beginning Negima! So she was a loner for about a week until Nodoka, Yue, Haruna, and Konoka invited her to join the Library Expedition Club (LEC for short), oddly though for being so shy she said yes. Now 2 more weeks pass and Kindle is now friends with the 4 girls (still somewhat shy to rest of class) and now they have a full week out of school for holiday and how else would the LEC spend it but going deep into the Library Island.

So then Kindle, Nodoka, Yue, Haruna, Konoka, and Negi go to explore Library Island to go search for any new findings. 2 days pass exploring the same old tunnels that they always pass to get deeper underground but unlike ever one else Kindle felt a very faint breeze coming threw a wall that even one else passed up (just because she forgot ever thing about her self doesn't mine her body forgot) so she called ever one back to feel the breeze and they did, about an hour later they made a hole in the wall so that ever one could get in. to celebrate there find they made camp there in that room but after they where ready to go to bed the soul that was trapped within that room sucked up all light from them, now they where trapped in the darkness.

The thing you should know about Kindle is that from the first night she stayed at the school is every night she would sleep with a flashlight turned on because of her fear of the darkness. This is the first time in about a month that she wasn't in the light. And because of that she didn't want to lose that light so she went into a hell like rage and injured Negi and Konoka. And when the lights returned Kindle was in the was in the corner rolled up into a ball with eyes filled of fear, tries ruing down her face, and blood on her hands, shaking, and saying over and over "The darkness is trying to capture me again."

After this event the group clamed Kindle down enough for her to walk and left the library and went strait to the nurse. And once the nurse clamed Kindle down enough to talk she called the Dean and had this conversation:

Dean: Well Kindle… it seems that we need to talk about what happened at Library Island.
Kindle: Are…. Are the others ok?
Dean: Yes yes they’re all fine but this isn’t about them it’s about you.
Kindle: Your gonna kick me out of the school…aren’t you?
Dean: No no… but you will be leaving for a little bit. You’ll be going to one of my old friend’s place… he’s a therapist and I think he can help you with your problem.
Kindle: But even if he helps me with my nyctophobia… it’s not like I could ever face Negi, Konoka, and the others again! I know they all hate me now.
Dean: Ho ho ho… is that right? Just so you know Kindle… those people are your friends…
Kindle: But Dean, I know they can’t forgive me!
Dean: I wasn’t done Kindle… as your friends no mater what you do they will forgive you. Even if you think that you don’t deserve it. Now get some rest, you’ll be leaving first thing in the morning. He’ll be here at about 6:30 to pick you up so don’t be late.

The next morning 6:25 Kindle packed and waiting for the Deans friend (she doesn’t know his name) to pick her up. A couple minutes later a car pulls up and a man comes out saying:

Deans friend: You must be Kindle?
Kindle: Ye…yes and you are?
Deans friend: I’m sorry how rude of me. My name is Thanos, the old man said you can use some help with a problem so I came to take you to my place up in the mountains.
Kindle: Up in the mountains…why so far?
Thanos: Well if it was any closer people might see it.
Kindle. Um…ok. Can we leave now?
Thanos: What’s the rush?
Kindle: Well…I, I don’t want to see my friends right now…it…it would be just to painful.
Thanos: You mean those people running this way?
Kindle: Wha…WHAT!? (Kindle quickly turns around and sees Nodoka, Yue, Haruna, Konoka, and Negi all running to her.) Please can we get out of here NOW! I know that their gonna say that they hate me and hope I never come back here ever again! (At this point she starting to sob a little.)
Thanos: No.
Kindle: But why not, please just get me out of here! (Now she starts to cry)
Thanos: I said no. Think of it as the start of your therapy.
Kindle: Bu…but I’m not ready for this please!
Thanos: Their here.
(Kindle turns around and sees Nodoka, Yue, Haruna, Konoka, and Negi bent over caching their breath. Negi starts off.)
Negi: Kin…Kindle…I’m so glade… that…that we could see you …off.
Kindle: Why? Aren’t you gonna say that you all hate me and never want to see again?
Nodoka: Why would we say some thing…like that? We’re your friends aright we?
(They caught their berth now.)
Kindle: But…but I thought you all hated me because of what happened in the library?
Haruna: What? You thought something like that would stop our friendship.
Yue: Don’t you know that because we are friends that no mater what you do we will always be your friends…even if you think you your self don’t deserve it.
Kindle: (In her mind (that’s what the Dean said.))
Konoka: I talked to grandfather and he said that you were going away for awhile…so we where going to throw you a farewell party…but you never came back to the dorms.
(Kindle starting to sob again.)
Negi: So we decided to come see you off and give you the beast of luck.
(Kindle crying again)
Kindle: THANK YOU EVERYONE!!!! (She runs up and gives everyone a group hug (I know group hugs are cheeses but they are 5 girls and a 10 year old boy after all.))
Thanos: (leaning on the car smiling)(in his mind (Therapy lesson one: Finished.))

Now driving to Thanos’s castle:

Thanos: Well that went rather good didn’t it?
Kindle: Yes it did.
Thanos: So what’s your problem any way?
Kindle: The Dean didn’t tell you?
Thanos: No, he did, it’s just that I want to hear it from your own mouth is all.
Kindle: Well at first it was the dark that I was afraid of…but with what happened at Library Island now…I’m…I’m afraid of myself.
Thanos: What do you mine by “myself”?
Kindle: Well when the lights went out at the library I don’t really know what happened…I blacked out…but when I came to… Negi and…and Konoka were bleeding and I…I had blood…there blood on my hands.
Thanos: I see (in his mind (the old man didn’t mention that.)) Is that way you thought that your friends hated you?
Kindle: Yes, but now there all supporting me so I can’t let them down…I’m willing to do anything to get pass this fear of mine.
Thanos: (in his mind (God I love it when a girl says “anything”, it just warms my hart. But this girl…who is she…she has a tail and cat ears so she has to be a Nekojin. So she has to be from the magic world then…but how did she end up at Library Island…theirs no gateport anywhere near the academy. On top of that…from what the old man said she lost her memories… it could have been a lost memoir spell but if it were that simple the old man would have fixed her by now… I wonder…))
Kindle: Um…Thanos…are you ok…you haven’t said any thing for awhile now?
Thanos: O…I’m sorry I was just thinking is all. So Kindle…have you ever heard of magic?
Kindle: What kind of magic?
Thanos: Real magic, not the magic you might see on TV.
Kindle: I don’t know what you’re talking about…sorry.
Thanos: It’s ok…I’ll just have to show you when we get back to my place.

After about an hour or so of driving they reach Thanos’s place.

Thanos: Well where here.
Thanos: Yes, is there something wrong?
Kindle: No it’s just…it’s huge. Do you live here by your self?
Thanos: Mostly, besides for a few servants who keep it in check, other then that yea.
Kindle: O…I see, it most be rather lonely here.
Thanos: Well if you’d lived as long as I have you get used to it.
Kindle: What do you mean by “lived as long as I have”…you look no older then 25?
Thanos: (in his mind (Ops I said to much.)) Well I’ll tell you about that later…but for now how bout we find your room.
Kindle: Ok. (In her mind (Who is this man?))

her room.

Thanos: And here is your room.
Kindle: This is my room but, it’s so big, I don’t need this much space.
Thanos: Don’t worrier about it, just about all the rooms here are this big. And besides this is the closes room to the bath to make it easier for you. (Points down the hallway.) Now then, the first door to your left is the bath and the one on the right is the toilet. Now when you’re ready go wash your self before diner.
Kindle: Um… ok.

A few minutes later.

Kindle: This is the bath? Why is everthing in this place so huge? (Kindle goes into the bath to enjoy her self, Meanwhile right out the door…)
Thanos: What should I do…it’s been so long sense a woman came here…no she’s no a woman she’s a 15 year old girl what am I thinking…but she is cute…no, no, no she's my client I can’t…but then again…no she as a problem and I can’t take advantage of that…buuuut one little peek wont hurt right.
(Thanos cracks the door to peek but Kindle is standing there wrapped in a towel waiting for him.)
Kindle: Um…Thanos…what are you doing out here?
Thanos: Um the…the thing is um…um…I…I was um…seeing if your alright.
Kindle: Um…Thanos you do know you were talking out load right.
Thanos: Wha…you don’t mean that you heard all that right?
Kindle: I think I’m going to stay in my room the rest of the night…could you sand one of your servants to brig me some food please. (She walking to her room now.)
Thanos: Ok I understand. (He has tears of disappointment running down his face.)

After about 2 weeks of therapy Kindle is now fine with Thanos pervertness (as long as he doesn’t go to far that is.) but Thanos notices that the therapy isn’t doing anything so he decided to go with a different approach…

Thanos: (in his mind (This isn’t working. It’s been 2 weeks already and she hasn’t shown any sign of progress. Theirs only one thing I can think of that would help her but it might be too much for her to bare…well it couldn’t hurt to ask wound it?)) Hey Kindle…can I ask something important?
Kindle: No I won’t show you my panties so stop asking.
Thanos: No not that, it’s about your therapy and that was one time only and I was half-asleep.
Kindle: Ok then…if it’s about therapy shot.
Thanos: Well I thought of a way to help you with your nyctophobia but it might be too hard on you.
Kindle: What is it all do anything you want?
Thanos: Well it’s just…instead of just talking about it I think you should fight it head on.
Kindle: What do you mean by “head on” (sounding kind of worried.)
Thanos: (Grabs on to her shoulders.) Listen to me Kindle. The only way to truly get over your fears is to face them head on.
Kindle: But…but I can’t
Thanos: Yes you can, I’ll even be with you the whole time.
Kindle: No.
Thanos: You said that you would do anything.
Kindle: But…I didn’t mean…
Thanos: Don’t you want to see your friends again.
Kindle: Yes but…
Thanos: Then you will go threw with this.
Kindle: No I don’t want to.
Thanos: You WILL!
Kindle: I SAID NOOOO!!!!! (She scratches his face with her claws.) I’m…I’m so sorry…I wasn’t thinking…please forgive me!
Thanos: It’s ok, it’s just a scratch. (In his mind (That was fast…she might have lost her memoirs but her mussels didn’t forget anything. Who was she before all of this?))
Kindle: Um…Thanos.
Thanos: Yes.
Kindle: After what just happened I…I think that I have to do it. I have to stop my self from attacking my friend’s just because I’m afraid of the dark. I will face it with my head held high.
Thanos: (in his mind (That’s my girl.) OK THEN…we leave first thing to the morning.

The next morning.

Thanos: Are you ready to go?
Kindle: Yes but are you certain I don’t have to pack anything?
Thanos: Yes where not going to far away.
Kindle: Well that’s good.
Thanos: Ok but before we go you need to close your eyes.
Kindle: Why?
Thanos: Just do it.
Kindle: Fine…but if you touch me anywhere but my hand you’ll be sorry. (She closes her eye’s.)
Thanos: All right then, keep them shut until I say you can open them. (He starts to teleport them to his real castle and goes to the necropolis underneath Thanos` castle.) Ok…where here. Just so you know it is dark in here, are you ready?
Kindle: Yes…I think I am.
Thanos: Then open your eyes.
Kindle: (She opens her eyes as slowly.) Where are we?
Thanos: This…this is my basement.
Kindle: Basement…this looks more like a tomb to me.
Thanos: Yes well anyway, this is what were gonna do, we will stay done here for one week straight.
Kindle: One…ONE WEEK!!!! You didn’t say that!
Thanos: Your lucky I didn’t make it one mouth.
Kindle: Ok I got it. So what do we do?
Thanos: We can sleep.
Kindle: We just got up.
Thanos: Well that’s about the only thing you can do.
Kindle: Fine.
(They both fall asleep but Thanos had other plans.)
Thanos: (in his mind (I’m sorry Kindle…but you have to do this on your own.))(He gets up and leaves.)
Kindle: (She rolls around unable to sleep and wakes up.) Thanos…I can’t sleep, can we do something…it can be anything you want…I mean it this time…Thanos are you here. Thanos hello are you there…Thanos…if you don’t say anything I’ll give you a fate worse then death it self. Thanos…he isn’t here…that perverted asshole I’ll kill him…I’ll, I’ll…I can’t do this alone. No…I have to stay strong…I can beat this with out that jerk.
Thanos: (In a different room watching her.) I said it before and I'll say it again...that's my girl. But dame if she was serious about that anything part I missed out big.
End of the week.

Thanos: Alright Kindle it’s the end of the week…Kindle you can come out now…where are you? (He sees her on the ground.) There you are, come on get up. Kindle? Are you awake? (Gets a creepy glint in his eyes, but shakes it away), Kindle, would you kindly come over here? (Kindle awakens, and gets over to Thanos, who asks her) Are you scared of the darkness now?"
Kindle: Of course I’m still scared…I don’t think I’ll ever not be scared but its alright…I might still be a little scared of the dark but at least I won’t run away from it…but that’s something right?
Thanos: Yep, it is at that. I think that the therapy worked well for you.
Kindle: Dose that mean that I can go back to the academy?
Thanos: Nope.
Kindle: What do you mean “nope” I completed your therapy!
Thanos: That might be true but that wasn’t why you came here.
Thanos: No it wasn’t…the real reason you came here was because the old man wanted me to unlock your memories.
Kindle: Then way did you help me with my nyctophobia?
Thanos: Because…when you said that you were afraid of your self, I couldn’t just not do anything about it.
Kindle: Thanos…
Thanos: So then are you ready to move on?
Kindle: Ye…yea…all right, lets get started!

END of part one: The Trail of Darkness