Still working on this site.


 Hello my name is Scott Durbin but please just call me Flame. What will be on this site will be my ideas about how/what would have made a past video game even better, some characters that I've made, and the basic ideas for the video game that I am writing. That will be all that will be on here so if you take the time to read it all thank you and for last please don't steal any thing, I'm working really hard on all of this so please don't steal it.

Kindle First Character

 Kindle is my first real character I've ever made. I made her for a form that was for a manga called Mahou Sensei Negima which is a very good manga. It was basically a make a character and fit it into the story sorta thing. FYI her story is in no way connected with my game story and I did all of it just for fun. Also if you read the manga frist you will understand what is happening a lot better here is a link you need to scroll all the way down for the first chapter.

Serpentarius the Thirteenth

Serpentarius the Thirteenth is the game I'm writing.